Follow Up on a Job Application With This Email Template

I applied on and included my resume, cover letter, and a list of references. Offer to answer any questions – If the hiring manager has any questions about your application, tell them you’ll be happy to answer them. This shows a willingness to help out and provides an opportunity for you to further sell yourself as a candidate. When you’re ready to follow up on your application, you may be wondering how to inquire about the job in a professional, non-intrusive way. If you’re not quite sure what to say, try one of the following message templates. You can copy-and-paste these as they are, adding your name and other relevant details to personalize the message, or use the templates as inspiration to write your own message.

On average, a corporate job opening receives over 200 applications. And, if you’re aware of this fact, you may be wondering if the hiring manager will even see your resume amid the hundreds of others — let alone respond. Express your appreciation for the interview, let the hiring manager know you’re highly interested in the position, and emphasize you’d be a great fit for the role. If you respond later in the day, most people will already be preoccupied with other tasks. The best time to follow up is the morning, just before they start work, as this means you will be at the top of their inbox. Check out these 25 interview questions for administrative assistants that can help you get a fuller picture of the job candidate and make smarter…

How to Write a Follow-Up Email After a Job Application

Who knows, it may teach you something and lead to better opportunities down the line. If you’ve sent your application by email (which you will have as it’s 2022, not 1972), then the first approach is to follow up with an email. You’ll find that email is the best approach and is likely to get the best response. If you write a brief and business-like follow-up email, you have no reason to be concerned about sending it. I would love the chance to ask you a few questions about your experience in and whether my qualifications align with expectations for the role.


Consider scheduling a session with a Flexhow to follow up on a job application career coach to learn how to boost your candidacy. Jump on the social media bandwagon and “like” the company’s Facebook page and follow their Twitter feed. “In today’s job market, companies want to find an employee with the right professional skill set and someone who fits in with the company culture. Showing and expressing interest in the company can be done by engaging with them on social media. Follow the company page on LinkedIn and other platforms.

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Don’t go on and on – No one wants to read a long, rambling email. Get to the point quickly and be sure to proofread your email for any typos or grammatical errors. Find out why you aren’t getting as many callbacks as you should with a free resume review. “Thank you for the resume checklist! I realized I was making so many mistakes on my resume that I’ve now fixed. I’m much more confident in my resume now.” Please make sure you have typed your email address correctly so we can send you the checklist. Enter your email and we’ll send you the free checklist right away.

  • Could you please let me know if you have received it?
  • Additionally, if successfully done, it can bring extra attention to your application, given your extra effort.
  • But in modern times when most communication is done digitally and phone calls are often scheduled; out-of-the-blue calls do more harm than good.
  • If, for some reason, you don’t have any notes about how to follow up, check the job posting.
  • Here’s everything you need to know about when and how to follow up on a job application or interview to maximize your chances of getting hired.

When it’s time to follow up, you’ll likely reach out via email, though you can leave a voicemail if you want. The trick is to strike a balance between professional and eager without crossing the line into over-eager and possibly needy. Here’s everything you need to know about following up on a job interview. While you might want to send an email to the hiring manager after applying rather than the HR department, you don’t always have their email address. Regardless of which approach you choose the following tips are great for you to learn what to do after applying for a job. Making a follow-up call can help you remind the recruiter that you have applied for the position.

You Don’t Need to Follow Up After Every Resume You Send

When it comes to following up after a job interview, balance is key. You want to reach out to let the interviewer know you want the job without overdoing it. Reaching out once or twice with a positive, upbeat inquiry will help you display your passion for the role without overwhelming the hiring manager. When you send multiple messages, your interest and enthusiasm can read as desperation, and generally, companies don’t hire desperate candidates. While there are multiple methods to get in touch with people, you don’t want to overdo it when following up on a job interview.

What can I expect after submitting my job application?

It can vary depending on the company, but usually, you will receive an email or call within a few days confirming that your application has been received. If they are interested in interviewing you, they will contact you to schedule a meeting or a call. Otherwise, you may not hear anything back, and that’s okay too.

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